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27 April 2020

Cooking at home

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Prunes with walnuts in wine syrup with mascarpone cream

#cookingathome, and today we crave something sweet … What about prunes with walnuts in wine syrup with mascarpone cream!? A simple but delicious recipe for Easter dinner. Watch the video below on how our traditional ingredients, wine and prunes, turn into a delicacy worthy of Michelin stars. But let us reveal a little secret first: putting aside the prunes, it is wine from Château Vartely that gives a special zest to this dish. Finally, we recommend that you enjoy the prunes with the wine “Pastoral” from Château Vartely.

Preparation time: 110 mins | Serves: 4 persons


  • Prunes with walnuts 400 gr
  • Dry red wine 150 ml
  • Sweet cream 200 ml
  • Mascarpone 200 g
  • Liqueur Baileys 40 ml
  • Physalis 4 pcs


  1. Place the prunes stuffed with walnuts in a cooking pot or a saucepan and boil them with wine. Cook them over high heat and bring to the boil, then lower the heat and leave stew for about 70-80 minutes, until the syrup reduces.
  2. Meanwhile, prepare the cream: place the sweet cream in a bowl and mix until thickened. When mixing, add liquor and mascarpone. Mix well until the mixture reaches a fluffy consistency.
  3. Place the stewed prunes onto a plate and let them cool.
  4. After the prunes have cooled, place them in a decorative cup, in 2 layers: the prunes and the cream.
  5. At the end, garnish the dessert with physalis.

Bon Appetit!