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12 April 2018

‘At Taraboste’s’

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The Château Vartely Company had a great pleasure to host a group of extraordinary people of wine-making industry, bloggers and photographers from Romania during 27-31 March 2018. The guests had an unforgettable adventure entitled ‘At Taraboste’s’.

The reason why the wine lovers travelled a long way is to participate in an info tour to gain knowledge about with the production of wine in the Republic of Moldova and admire the passion with which Moldovans produce and promote wine.

During the info tour, the guests could enjoy the wines and discover the tourist attractions of Moldova due to the diverse program that covered a number of activities and trips: tour to the Château Vartely winery, off-road walking, visit to the Orheiul Vechi cultural complex, and finally – a gastronomic dinner where the guests could taste several special wines.

The list of the guests included Marian Timofti, President of the Sommelier Association in Romania, who noted: “I was very amazed and pleasantly impressed with everything I saw. I don’t necessarily mean the wine, but the area, the region, the country in particular. All in all, people here do not only try to promote the wine, but also the whole concept of enotourism.”

Ludmila Gogu, Director of Château Vartely, said: “We are very pleased to have as guests, famous people of wine industry, bloggers, journalists and photographers from Romania who came to discover our wines. Through them we would like to transmit to all Romanians that we have quality wines, people who are passionate about wine production and put their heart and soul into every drop of wine and tourist attractions that are worth visiting. We invite everyone to come and discover the hospitality of Moldova, our wine and gastronomy.”

Svetlana Matvievici, blogger and initiator of #DescoperaMoldova project, said: “The good news is that the Château Vartely winery is keeping pace with new promotion trends and decided to launch a new wine by organizing a small circle event for wine lovers. ‘At Taraboste’s’ was much more than an info tour. We all felt we were part of history of the Taraboste wine and were honoured to write some pages in this ‘purely aristocratic’ history”. The star of the event was the new wine – Red Taraboste 2015 – a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon 70% and Merlot 30%, aging for 18 months in oak barrels.

You can view the impressions of the participants in social media by following hashtags #Taraboste #ChateauVartely #premiumwines #DescoperaMoldova or the video below!

A video produced by Alin Popescu, Sony Image Ambassador in Romania.