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11 December 2017

Calendar Château Vartely 2018

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2018 is a year worth savouring from the very first day. We have 12 months to discover or rediscover furtive pleasures, occult harmonies, to share well-deserved delights and celebrate the life with all its tastes, flavours, emotions and joys.

12 excellent cookers,
12 classy and graceful restaurants,
12 full of character wines,
12 unforgettable sensations.

By way of Calendar Château Vartely 2018 project we intend to offer value to people who do truly exceptional things, but never come to the forefront. They do not even appear on a media market fuelled by empty egos, vanity and ambitions, even at a second level. Maybe we have enjoyed their creation for so many times, but we never knew them. Well, now this void is filled.

Look at them, admire them and honour them.
Masters of the Moldovan gastronomic scene in tandem with the Château Vartely wines.

Happy New Year!