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28 September 2018

Château Vartely celebrates the 10th anniversary of its Tourism Complex

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People say that joy is best when it is shared. Today, on the World Tourism Day, Château Vartely is celebrating a beautiful anniversary: 10 years since the Tourism Complex opened its doors to visitors, an event that marked a new phase in the developing of our country’s wine tourism industry.

During this time, more than 100 000 tourists visited the Château; we had as honorary guests heads of state, international experts, celebrities, public figures from the world of wine, world-renowned chefs; thousands of events were held here – concerts, conferences, wine tastings, teambuilding and cozy family events. Each visitor took home a part of the creation and dedication of our most talented winemakers. Talents which were rewarded and appreciated, for not by chance, during this time, the Château Vartely wines won more than 300 awards at highly prestigious national and international contests.

In order to properly celebrate these achievements, Château Vartely invites you to its Wine Festival, dedicated to 10 years of Wine and Culture, which will be held between October 6-7. Two days of non-stop partying – tastings of award-winning wines, launching of new wines, and the absolute novelty – Château Vartely divins, as well as wine must, glint wine, sangria – attending to all manner of taste, delights, desserts, Nude & wine exposition of provocative photos, and guaranteed gifts – Chateau Vartely personalized glasses, raffles with many instant wins – all these and a host of other small surprises will make your time at the Festival absolutely special.

People who are fond of jogging and who wish to serve in peace a glass of wine, will be able to compete at the Tarabostes Trail, which will be held on October 6. Also, people with moustaches, beards and caps will receive special gifts from Château Vartely – Wine, Culture and Leisure Resort.

And, last, but not least, so as not to make drivers suffer while the passengers are having fun, we have come up with a transport solution to ferry visitors to and from the event. You are welcome!

Details about the event:

For further details, please call: +373 68 27 83 59.

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