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18 August 2017

Grapes Photography

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Have you missed the season of taking photos in poppy, rapeseed or sunflower fields? You still have time to do that! Go to a vineyard, your grandparents’ garden or to the winery you like, alone, with the dear person or with a friendly company and take the most creative photos of the season! You are given full freedom of creativity, but on one condition – your photos must match the theme! Château Vartely will award you for that!
Château Vartely Winery launches a photo contest under the theme „Grapes Photography”. This contest aims at discovering the most beautiful grapes photos and promoting the wine industry of Moldova.

Award 1: A voucher „Tour to Château Vartely” which includes: one night in the hotel of the tourist complex, dinner for two, excursion and wine tasting
Award 2: a hot air balloon flight
Award 3: a Taraboste Chardonnay wine case
Other awards: 20 bottles of win
Awards are given to the winners personally upon presentation of an identity document.

Registration: 19 August – 19 September 2017
Entry judgment: 20 – 30 September 2017
Announcement of results: 5 October 2017

Participants: The „Grapes Photography” photo contest is open to all amateur and/or professional photographers.
Procedure of participation:
Those wishing to register for the contest must send not more than 2 photos on the subject, together with the contact details and the name of the photo – with the designation „Registration for the photo contest” – at
The entries will be judged within 20-30 September by the contest jury. Based on the judgment, 3 winning photos will be awarded. The most beautiful 20 photos will be published on the Facebook page of the contest and will be exhibited at the Château Vartely tourist complex, while the photographers will receive a bottle of Château Vartely wine.
• Photographer Roman Ribaleov
• Aliona Goncearenco, Head of Château Vartely Marketing Department
• Kiril Ganea, Château Vartely designer
Technical requirements:
– photos must be original and should not be published previously anywhere;
– photos must have the name of its author and of the photo;
– photos submitted for the contest must have minimal to no editing (brightness, contrast, saturation, colour levels);
– photos must be clear (they should not be taken with your mobile phone) and focused;
– photos must not have the date and watermark with the author’s name;
– by registering the photos for the contest, the participant implicitly declares that he/she is the owner of the copyright for photos submitted and takes responsibility for all direct or indirect consequences that may result from his/her participation in this contest;
– photos that do not match the theme of the contest or that do not belong to the person who registered for the contest will be rejected;
– the contestants’ personal data are confidential and will only be used to ensure the proper conduct of the contest;
– by registering and participating in this contest, the contestant warrants that he/she has read and accepts the terms of this regulation.

Use of photos and copyright:
– by registering for the contest, the participant expresses the unconditional agreement regarding the assignment of the copyright for the materials submitted to Château Vartely. Thus, Château Vartely can for any purposes use the received materials, indicating the source, without paying any fee. The author of the photo may for any purposes use the material but without infringing upon the interests of Château Vartely, and if the former concludes assignment contracts with other natural or legal persons he/she will be obliged to inform the co-contractor that Château Vartely owns rights to disseminate and use these materials.