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25 May 2017

My walk through the “field of flowers”

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These would be the keywords that describe my activity during these 3 years of blogging, in which I have been lived intensively every “word”.

I love to watch the sunset! And after all day walking through Orhei, I often retire to the Chateau Vartely terrace – the perfect place to meet the sunset.

I get there and let the silence take me far away; I feel the sun’s energy turning my moments into memories, and the aroma of wine in my glass teleporting me into a field of flowers.

Mmm … Feteasca Regala! Ah, how many memories bind us to this “field of flowers”, and how many secrets are hidden in every drop of magic potion! Lively, cold, aromatic, young, enigmatic and unforgettable – that’s Royal Feteasca from Chateau Vartely.

Wine and sunset savor travels and are those key elements that will remain on the shelf of memories forever!

Discover Moldova and enjoy a good wine, cooled at sunset.

Svetlana Matvievici