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6 December 2019

Vin emoții de Crăciun…

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December is magic. This is the nicest month in the calendar, since these are days full of joy and achievements. This is so because namely during this period, we manage to highlight and to come back to the things we do not see throughout the year – to the feeling of sharing.

VIN EMOȚII DE CRĂCIUN… This is the message of the winter campaign launched by Château Vartely and reminding us that something that really counts, despite all that long Christmas list or that rush toward expensive and often useless gifts, is that simple gesture of spending some of our time together with our close people. So, it is well-known that good wine is mighty enough to gather people together and to create the most memorable emotions.

Christmas holidays are about our close people and us, about the quality time we spend together. So, let make this December be a reason for sharing. Invite your friends, relatives or fellow workers to your place to have a dinner. Open a bottle of wine, laugh, joke, tell stories and have a good time together. These are the most precious emotions you will ever remember.

If you want to make a gift to somebody, do not look for it for a long time. Take a bottle of Individo and remember that your gesture matters. We want these holidays to be absolutely special in December, a month of gifts, so, the entire Individo wine collection from Chateau Vartely will be accompanied by short Christmas greetings. Such greetings will comprise a special message you may dedicate to a close person of yours. So, you are welcome: your gift is ready but those, who will receive it, will realise how much they mean to you.

Making somebody feel special and sharing your emotions and, eventually, a bottle of wine with them – this is the real holiday magic we have.



The real Christmas magic means sharing the emotions with our close people. Those will be the prettiest and the most precious gifts, over the years. Happy holidays!


I will come soon to you, to have a glass of wine. We’ll be spending time together, laughing and joking… No matter what we will do, those will be the nicest moments of the year… Happy holidays!


This is a speech for the magic time we spent together, for all the joys you have brought to my life – they will be the most precious memories over the time! Happy holidays!


The best gift ever we can share is this bottle of wine and magic moments to come! Happy holidays!


This is more than a bottle of wine… These are my sincere thoughts about you. Happy holidays!