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11 May 2017

Guest post Iulian Bercu: Sport and wine, do they get along with each other?

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We have opened a special column for our new webpage,, where we invite people to write about their passions, values and states of mind; where we share our experiences, and our connection to wine, which we see as something more than just a simple product.

Our today’s guest is the journalist, the PR consultant and the marathon runner Mr. Iulian Bercu, the author of the blog.

Wine, as any other of my mountain marathon experiences, is like a good story – with its initial, middle and final chapter, with its unique character and unrepeatable emotions for each race or, why not, each wine in part.

In my case, an active lifestyle and a good wine make the perfect pair, and not only during medal ceremonies. The thought of a glass of cold white wine adds speed to the last tens of kilometers, whereas the memories of the distances traveled seem to be more colorful with a glass of red wine.

I will always recommend a glass of good wine, except on some occasions when it is better to leave the bottle of wine for the next day. This refers to the weeks before races. During such periods, I exclude wine from the menu, as well as during the days when training begins at 5.30 in the morning. Even a glass of wine the day before, in such cases, can prevent me from enjoying running to my heart’s content.

I guess I could tag a certain kind of wine to each of the races I ran, but I will do it during the next ultra-marathon. I will have an extra reason to reach the finish line faster.